TECHNITISOFT knows manufacturing industry thoroughly. As a well known software services provider for manufacturers, which is recognized for our lean methodologies, and a leading systems integrator with many years of experience, we have deployed hundreds of SAP and Oracle applications and business services for manufacturing companies just like yours. To minimize the risk of introducing innovative technology, we combine pre-integrated and tested hardware and software with best-practice IT services tailored to your specific sub-industry. This turn-key approach enables faster, lower-cost deployment of templated industry solutions that can be used ‘as is’ or further customized for your manufacturing operations.
We collaborate with our clients to develop customized software and systems that are easy to operate, stable and reliable. We have experience in ERP systems, product portfolio management, inventory and warehouse management and shipping, quality management and customer relationship management.

Manufacturing industry faces many challenges nowadays including need to:

  • Enhance Operational efficiency
  • Have better control and monitoring of production processes.
  • Reduce dependency on human power
  • Have higher flexibility
  • Sharp focus on customer support
  • Have data / information for strategic decisions