At TECHNITISOFT, we have a skilled, experienced and certified team of software professionals well known to create Rich Interactive Applications using Flex, Silverlight and Ajax. As all these three platforms are entirely different due to the ability of our developers to create unique applications by implementing some out of the box ideas we are not able to provide fully integrated rich applications according to the needs of our client but also we make sure that they are not repetitive.


Silverlight is a cross browser platform offered by Microsoft for the development of Rich Internet Applications by integrating images, animation, media and database interactivity in single environment. Our development team is well acquainted with the Silverlight along with C# and VB.NET programming languages to deliver rich GUI based applications. In addition the exceptional expertise of our development team in creating WebPages using both HTML and EPF elements along with Silverlight.


Our developers are masters to develop flex applications using different technologies like Action script 2, and 3, Flashlite 1.1 and 2, XMAL, Java and ASP. Flex is utilized for developing highly interactive web applications and through this platform; SWF files are created that are rendered by flash player on different browsers. The core expertise of our Flex development team is to create highly intuitive, interactive, expressive and appealing web and desktop applications.

Offerings by TECHNITISOFT:

  • Custom Application Development in Flex
  • Integrating Flex with MySQL, SQL server, ASP, Java, .Net, XML
  • Video Player, Music Player and Image Gallery based on Flex
  • Development of Rich Internet Applications, Components, Games and Map applications using Flex


This is actually a group of interrelated components Asynchronous JavaScript and XML used for the creation of interactive web applications. We are well aware of the fast and interactive web application developments and we have a strong team with the required Ajax base that eases the page loading requirements of HTML/HTPP mediated WebPages. Ajax is a cross platform technique used on different operating systems, IT architectures and browsers whereas being based on JavaScript and DOM (Document Object Model) our expertise includes both these open standards.

Ajax Offerings by TECHNITISOFT:

  • Highly Interactive Web Interfaces
  • Web Based Reporting Solutions
  • Information portals
  • Web Services Interactions
  • Drag and Drop Solutions
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Ajax based Web Photo Gallery