Creating a good product or solution is just not good enough anymore for businesses. There are many more competitors who have a similar portfolio of products and services. So, how will your business stand out? It takes a solid digital marketing strategy to effectively reach customers. Your prospective customers are constantly engaging in the online space. Some people might be looking for answers to their problems, some might be searching for the products in your space, some more might be voicing their concerns on social media while others would be interacting via email. Digital marketing makes sure that your business is always present in front of your prospects and customers, right when they need it.

That’s why we at Teknitisoft bring to you an assortment of Digital Marketing Services all under one roof. We are uniquely positioned as a digital experience partner for your business. Through our understanding of your product and design, we help you hit the market more effectively compared to standalone digital agencies. The Teknitisoft marketing team follows a data driven approach to make sure that all the arrows point in the right direction. We have a nimble team of GENESYS INFORMATICS INDIA PVT LTD certified professionals who help you to attract, convert, close and delight customers.


Content is as important as ever. We make sure that we develop stellar content for your business through web pages, blogs, case studies, whitepapers and presentations, among others. Good content positions your brand favourably in front of prospects and guides them through various stages of the sales funnel.


  • Social media plays a huge role in shaping brand perceptions. It gives you unprecedented insights into your customers in real-time and helps you tweak marketing strategies accordingly. Leverage our expertise in social media marketing to engage with your customers effectively, improve traffic to your website and build search engine rankings,


  • A video makes a great story even better. We can help build quality videos to enhance the effectiveness of your brand story.


  • The good old email is a great way to reach out to customers. Our email marketing services are designed to deliver great results for your business.


  • Social media plays a huge role in This helps you tap customers outside your existing social networks. We help you set up dedicated PPC and social media ad campaigns. Our online advertising services help you get the best ROI on your marketing investment.


  • Managing business reputation can be extremely tricky in the times of social media. That’s why we offer reputation management services so that you can leave the worries to us. Our team keeps a keen eye on your brand in the web world. We make sure that we amplify positive mentions and suppress negative comments. We prepare a solid reputation management strategy for our clients and constantly monitor the web to make sure that negative mentions are pushed down as fast as possible.